Standing Board: Star Citizen

Alliance Neutral
Friendly Hostile
Non-Aggr. Pact Enemy
[DEIM] Deimos Corp.
[FLJK] Goonrathi
[FROG] FrogSwarm
[SFD] Starfleet Dental
[TCAP] Trade Coalition for the Allied Proletariat
[BNFR] Bad Neighbor
[CDDN] Confrerie du Dragon Noir
[DPRN] Democratic People’s Republic of Nyx
[LYS] Gardiens du Lys
[CRWINGS] les Ailes Écarlates
[DSRD] Disorder
[G4L] Earthen Sky
[HTTPS] Hyperspace Transport of Troops & Packages Secured
[IRM] Intergalactic Rescue and Medical
[LRMC] Los Reyes Motorcycle Club
[NXCORP] Nexus Corp
[OZEPH] Zephyrus
[SIBYLLA] Sibylla
[ZODE] Zonards des etoiles
[B0L] Band of Losers
[INDEPRENAN] Les indépendantistes entreprenants
[BRAKASS] Brakass
[GIGM] Groupe d'Intervention du Gros Melon
[PROTECTORA] Protectorat (EU/QC/974/PC)
[THUNDERBSC] Thunderbirds Space Crew
[WACKO] Warning Collision Alert

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